A huge thanks for being so helpful this past year, we were super happy with the property and it was so great to know that if we had any issues you were always quick to respond and sort things out!
46 Recreation Road
Thanks so much for having us as your tenants, it has been a great place for us to live this last year. Thank you so much for returning our deposit and the August rent so promptly.
Zak and Elisabeth
Flat 1, 10 Nightingale Rd
I Just also wanted to say thank you for giving me a wonderful house to live in for the past two years, I'll be sad to leave!
44 Recreation Rd
"I want to say thank you for being a great landlord. You are a good person and I value your cooperation with me. Though I didn't have the best experience with the other tenants, you being a cooperative landlord really helped. I wish you all the best and if anyone I know asks me for accommodation I will always recommend you. Take care :)"
44 Recreation Rd
“You have been a great landlord, we are all really sad to be moving! Thank you for having us."
46 Recreation Rd
"I would personally like to Thank You for the full cooperation this year. You have been a great landlord and it was a pleasure to 'work' with you. Wish you all the best to you and your family.”
9 Testard Rd
"Thanks to both of you for being excellent landlords. Feel free to use me as a reference if ever needed."
Martin Miller
Flat 2, 1 Victoria Rd
"Zeph has been a wonderful landlord to myself and Miss Sancar this past year and has always been professional and effective in his duties as our landlord. That is why we have chosen to extend our tenancy with him for another year. He’s always been very reliable and honest to us and I’m sure many of his past tenants would agree."
44 Recreation Rd
"Thank you so much. Both Molly and myself really appreciate your kind gesture and I agree with everything you said. Again, thank you very much."
10 Testard Rd
"I appreciate all the efforts you have given Zeph, I truly do.”
9 Testard Rd
"Many thanks for coming over today and for making it all an easy process."
44 Recreation Rd
"Thanks for taking care of this, really appreciate that.”
9A Testard
"Thank you for being such a great landlord. If you need anything more from me regarding the annex or need me to provide a testimonial for the website, just shout. Wishing you and your family all the best."
9A Testard
"Thank you very much for the past 3 years, the house has really served me as a home. I'm very sad to leave it actually, but it's time to move on."
11 Manor Rd
"Thanks for your email and your kind comments! The house is all good thank you; we're more than happy with everything and to be fair nothing really ever goes wrong (touch wood)."
11 Pound Lane
"Thanks so much, Thanks for being so understanding."
36 North Street